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Doing our eco bit....



We recycle as much as we can in our workplace, and we recycle some of our 'leftover' packaging from the manufacturers to a local Scout group and a local Primary school, they love it in the Art department, although we may not have mentioned to them that some of the cone shaped packaging came from bra padding!)

Our own packaging that we send your items in has been chosen to ensure we do our bit for the environment, it is eco friendly and most is made from recycled materials or is recyclable/reusable in some way so you can do your bit too!

Tissue Paper
This tissue paper feels fantastic and has a great silky feel to it. Made from 100% recycled materials and of course recyclable.

Bubble Wrap
We do not use this very often, but when we do, we use eco friendly bubble wrap because it is clean, safe and now fully oxo-biodegradable, our bubble wrap is the most eco-friendly bubble film cushioning available in the UK. It is free from heavy metals and safe to be deposited in landfill, it will rapidly degrade leaving a cleaner environment for our future. That or you could keep it and have fun 'snapping' all the bubbles!!

Luxury Gift Snap Shut Box (Luxury Gift Wrapping option)
These are gorgeous and took us ages to find the right ones, They are made from 100% recycled board content, and are reusable around the home or office to store your nik naks, etc in.

Ribbon (Luxury Gift Wrapping option)
The acetate ribbon used to tie up the gift boxes is made from cellulose extracted from wood pulp and is therefore totally environmentally friendly compared to polyester alternatives.


Our Mailing Bags – The Degradamailer®
Whilst we think it would be a good name for an environmentally friendly superhero! it is in fact the name of the mailing bags we use.

The environmentally friendly 100% degradable & re-usable mailing bag - The only TRUE GREEN mailing bags available in the UK.

The Degradamailer®, has been manufactured to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The science bit.........

First,  a minimum of 35% of recycled films when extruding the polythene film which is used to manufacture Degradamailer®. This means that less energy is used to produce the film.

Secondly, the Degradamailer®, has added 100% Degradable Biothene. This means that the Degradamailer® will degrade and naturally biodegrade within 12-18 months subject to conditions of landfill, water, heat and air.

Thirdly, you have the added the benefit of being able to re-use the Degradamailer®. Instead of having the industry standard 1 x permanent self adhesive glue strip on the lip of the mailing bag, the bag has a bigger lip on Degradamailer® and has two strips. Along with printed instructions on how to open the bag, if followed, this means that the recipient of the Degradamailer®, can if they wish re-use the bag to return the items to us or for something else.

Degradamailer® is 100% Opaque, you cannot see through the film at all so your purchases remain discreet.

The Degradamailer® starts to degrade upon exposure to UV light and/or heat and then continues to biologically degrade, even if kept in the dark.
Degradamailers contain a specially formulated additive called Biothene® which degrades the whole material under the influence of light and heat. The additive contains active metal ions that are embedded in the matrix of the Degradamailer. A typical addition rate of between 3 and 5% of the additive will produce a photochemically and thermally degradable film.

Degradamailers® will not degrade before being exposed to UV light. Once the film has been exposed, the degradation reaction is triggered and continues even in the dark, such as would be expected when mixed with the normal waste stream and buried in a landfill site. The rate of degradation is accelerated by heat.
Once the polythene film has been transformed into a fine powder, studies have shown that biological degradation will then take place. The end products of biodegradation will be carbon dioxide and water, with a very small residue (<5% of the original mass) of non-toxic, inert mineral material. The biological degradation can start when the molecular weight of the original polymers have been significantly reduced and when the surface area of the disintegrated plastic is sufficiently enlarged. The whole process will typically take 3 to 6 months.

Our Mailing Boxes

For those items that are sent in a box, typically the lingerie items like babydolls and corsets, we always try to use recycled cardboard boxes where possible. We hope that you will try and reuse the boxes for your own use for sending items in or keep stuff in them!