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Fabric Guide

For those who wish to know the details of the materials used in making most of the lingerie that we stock, we have provided a fabric guide below.

A naturally made fibre renowned for its softness and absorbency.

A natural fibre produced from the silk worm. Very soft and lustrous, fantastic for nightwear

Also known as nylon. A man made fibre that is very versatile and used in a lot of the lingerie products on the market at the moment. This man made is great for producing microfibres which add softness to fabrics. The low moisture absorbency means that this fabric dries faster than natural fibres.

Another man made fibre that is similar to Polyamide. A lot of times is blended with cotton to produce softness. Polyester is also crease resistant.

Formally known as raylon. Originating from cellulose and converted into a textile fibre, viscose when combined with elastane produces a good draping quality with an added softness. Modal and Lyocell are also produced in a similar way to viscose.

A very soft smooth supple but durable synthetic fabric with elastic properties. Used in small amounts with other yarns it produces softness and stretch to a product. Elastane aids comfort and fit and when worn and washed is very durable in retaining shape. Lycra is a trademark of this fabric.