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Gentlemans Buying Guide

Five Easy Steps

Want to impress her? Show her how thoughtful you are? Well you are on the right track to buying something she will really love and lingerie is the perfect gift, what ever the occasion.

Remember, this is really a gift for her, not so much for you, (unless its from our sexy lingerie range!) so if its normal everyday lingerie or nightwear you want to buy her, she might not appreciate it if what you think she will look hot in, she may think she will look like an x-rated movie star, (but of course this is probably the look you want if it is the sexy lingerie!) so be careful, follow our guide and you will not go far wrong.

First - Investigation

You need to look in her lingerie drawer (make sure she is not around or you may have some explaining to do!)

Second - Size

Size is important! Look at the labels in the back of her bras and briefs or nightwear, or if she has other sexy lingerie items, check the sizes there. They may vary slightly, especially as some may be older than others, so pick the sizes from items you know she has worn recently. (there's always the ironing pile/or washing line for inspiration there, but again, do not get caught!) If it is sexy lingerie you are after purchasing, these tend to be in 2 sizes, small/medium and large/x-large, so less chance of a mistake made here.

Third -Style

For everyday lingerie, while your rummaging your way through the contents of her lingerie drawer, check out what styles she wears more often. (look at our style guide for help on the different bra  and pant styles), Does she wear mainly push up bras? Does she prefer underwired cups? (you can feel this  U shape wire in the bottom of each cup), perhaps she is more a thong girl than a hipster or short. Our style guide can offer more assistance. For sexy lingerie, this boils down to personal choice and your imagination!

Fourth – Colour

You may think she should wear more red underwear, but if her lingerie is mainly white and black, she may not be very impressed with your choice. Look generally at the colours she already has and pick something similar, or if you are feeling adventurous, then go for it and pick something in a new colour, she may just like it!

Fifth – Presentation

What better way to say how much you love her, than by having the lingerie wrapped in scrumptious tissue paper and presented in a luxury box all finished off with a gorgeous red ribbon, we can help you here, just tick our luxury gift wrapping option at the checkout and we will do it for you.

 Just make sure you are around when she first opens your gift and tries it on, you may just get a thank you reward!

And lastly, keep the receipt, we accept all unworn returns and exchanges in case you did not get it quite right, we are sure you will get marks for trying, just get it right the next time!